Volunteer Membership

Ohio Valley Deep Green Resistance is always looking for committed members to volunteer for our action group. Volunteer Membership is for those who want to help Ohio Valley DGR , but not participate in group processes, organizing, and meetings. These Volunteers will communicate with the Coordinator of Ohio Valley DGR  and take on projects suited to their gifts and capacity. The possibilities for these projects are endless, ranging from helping to set up events, flyering, online assistance, and more. Please don’t hesitate to offer your help as a volunteer in whatever way you can. The steps to becoming a Volunteer Member are as follows:
1.Please read the Deep Green Resistance movement’s Statement of Principles and Code of Conduct.
2.After reading, fill out the Volunteer Membership questionnaire, which you will then send in to dgr_indiana@riseup.net
3.We will review your answers and then get in touch with you about scheduling a phone conversation between yourself and a coordinator of DGR. This time will be used to discuss your membership as a volunteer and is the final step you need to take to initiate your becoming a member of Ohio Valley Deep Green Resistance.

Contact us if you have any questions:

Phone: (812) 269-2657
E-mail: dgr_indiana@riseup.net

Choice between Aboveground and Underground

To be successful in saving the planet, resistance will need both aboveground and underground components. Broadly speaking, aboveground groups do not carry out risky illegal actions, and are organized in ways that maximize their ability to use public institutions and communication structures. Underground groups exist primarily to carry out illegal or repressed activities and are organized in ways that maximize their own security and effectiveness. Every budding activist must choose between working aboveground or underground, as a strict firewall must exist between the two. The Deep Green Resistance movement, including Ohio Valley DGR, is an aboveground movement.